2017 – Guidelines for ePoster Presenters

Thank you for presenting at the 35th Annual CRANAplus Conference


Electronic Poster Presentations (e-Posters) must be prepared in PowerPoint (1 slide in 16:9 format) using the template provided.  These will be displayed during the conference on large flat screen monitors in the exhibition area.

  • Please load your PowerPoint to the online folder prior to arriving at the conference, ideally by COB Friday 13 October 2017.
  • e-Posters will rotate automatically and each will be shown for one minute.
  • Delegates will be able to pause posters to view them in more detail. There will also be an index to allow delegates to find an individual poster.
  • At least one author listed on the e-Poster abstract must be registered for at least one day of the conference for the e-Poster to be confirmed.
  • Accepted e-Poster authors must submit their e-Poster slide using the template provided via the link below.





e-Posters are a visual presentation of the main points of your topic and make use of graphics such maps, photographs and charts.

  • An e-Poster presentation is a graphic/textual way to show others your work. Therefore, your poster presentation should rely on colour, diagrams, charts and visual images to illustrate your ideas rather that presenting information in text.
  • A minimum of three (3) relevant visual images is recommended. These should be clearly labelled.
  • The text used must be concise, using just enough words to explain your work and the significance and impact your topic has for the profession.
  • Select colour combinations that are simple and pleasing to the eye. Two/three colours will unify the poster.
  • Lay out and organise the material to make the main message clear.
  • Balance the quantity of text and graphics equally and use dot points and lists to increase clarity and quantity of information.
  • Check typography, avoid abbreviations, acronyms and jargon.
  • Your e-Poster should be formatted in a way that the reader’s eye movement should be naturally down the column or along rows.
  • Remember that SIZE attracts attention in your typography.
  • Use arrows, pointing hands, numbers and letters to clarify sequences.
  • Use simplicity, don’t overload the e-Poster!
  • Key references (if appropriate) should be placed in a small text box at the bottom right hand corner of your e-Poster, in no more than 12-point font.


  • Is your e-Poster reader-friendly, clear and concise?
  • Am I drawn to this e-Poster?
  • Can colleagues quickly examine the e-Poster and understand major points?
  • Would an interested reader learn enough to ask informed questions?
  • Does it stimulate interest and conversation?


e-Poster must be prepared in PowerPoint (1 slide in 16:9 format).  They will be displayed during the conference on a large flat-screen monitor in the trade exhibition area.