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Laura Hardaker1

Workforce Engagement Manager, Rural Doctors Network (RDN)

Rural Health Pro is a network of healthcare professionals and organisations passionate about keeping rural communities healthy. Powered by NSW Rural Doctors Network – a Rural Workforce Agency for more than 30 years – Rural Health Pro partners with more than 150 organisations to deliver information, career opportunities, training resources, mentor programs, funding opportunities and events to a network connecting through a personalised digital experience.

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Dr Laura Hardaker is a qualified occupational therapist with a PhD in mental health. She worked clinically for over thirteen years and now works for the Rural Doctors Network as their workforce engagement manager. Laura is passionate about the health and wellbeing of all individuals across Australia and her work at RDN has focused on supporting the health workforce by promoting access, quality and sustainable health services. Through the advancement of Rural Health Pro, Laura continues to work on connecting health professionals across Australia.