Transforming Grief and Self Care for Midwives

Mrs Stacey O’Brien1

1A Kiss From An Angel, Glasshouse Mountains, Australia



Stillbirth and Miscarriage are devastating events of childbirth which leaves everyone involved shattered from this heartbreaking loss.  After the stillbirth of her first son, Finn, in 2002, Stacey O’Brien used writing as a healing tool and created her book, “A Kiss From An Angel”.

Stacey has spent 15 years offering this inspirational education through workshops and is so passionate that she wrote her second book “The Healer’s Workbook” to answer many of the questions that midwives have asked her.  This book also offers many self care practices for Midwives to help sustain this demanding career and offers support to the industry which cared for her so well.

Focus of discussion

Through education we can learn to transform grief, to process it, feel it and learn how to allow it to visit our life without destroying our hearts.  Grief’s best friend is anger and part of the transformational journey of grief is managing this beast and learning ways to feel, revisit and manage the destructive way it can develop in your days.  Learning how to turn pain and resentment into gratitude and love can be a valuable transformation.


This brave and very rare insight into grief and loss has offered midwives a depth of understanding that has transformed the level of compassion they can offer bereaved parents.  Stacey offers in depth practical healing tools which help midwives capture memories and honor the families during this time of crisis.

Stacey’s next project is to create an educational video series that will support and sustain the midwifery workforce into the future.

Leadership with Love and Healing.


Stacey O’Brien is an Inspirational Speaker and Author of 2 Books – “A Kiss From An Angel, an inspirational journey through grief and the loss of a child” and “The Healer’s Workbook”.

Dedicated to Transforming Grief and Self Care for Midwives, Stacey has created “The Midwife’s Insight” an e-learning platform for midwives to gain a glimpse into Stillbirth and add to their skill set with invaluable confidence in supporting parents and the child affected by stillbirth.

Stacey is a Gifted and Intuitive Healer, Massage Therapist and Fitness Instructor with Training in Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Leadership with Love.