HEARING VOICES: encouraging, listening and acting on the feedback of vulnerable people to build strong connections.

Ms Xaviera Farrell1

1Clinical Nurse Consultant, Top End Health Care


The  Primary Health Care Service within Darwin Correctional Precinct Northern Territory,  is a unique community, with a culturally diverse population, high rates of illiteracy, complex trauma backgrounds, complex health needs and a complicated relationship with people that wear uniforms!

Our clinic, sitting within the walls of the Holtze Community, has reflected on the needs of is community and wanted to build stronger connections to shape a clinic that reflected community member’s needs.

How do you do this when the traditional methods of collecting feedback, previously known as ‘complaints’, is fraught with literacy, cultural and social hurdles?

I will demonstrate how we challenged the traditional ‘norms’ with methods that were creative, engaging and culturally safe.

Working with a vulnerable population that traditionally never ‘complain’ has forced us to be creative.  By challenging the traditional methods of feedback and finding more culturally appropriate ways of listening to the community we have heard their voices have built stronger connections that are improving healthcare delivery and literacy.


Xaviera Farrell RN, BA, BS (nursing),

GradCert Clinical Nursing, Grad Dip Emergency Nursing.

Clinical Nurse Specialist and Patient Feed Back Coordinator.

Darwin Correction Precinct.