Lived experiences of women with primary infertility in rural Limpopo Province, South Africa

Dr. Ramakuela NJ1
1Department of Advanced Nursing, University of Venda, Thohoyandou, South Africa

Women who had never achieved pregnancy after adequate exposure to unprotected sex without using contraceptives tend to suffer primary infertility. It is a global reproductive health issue that affects individuals and couples. Among other factors contributing to primary infertility is sexually transmitted infections. The nature of research was alarmed with the experiences of women with primary infertility with a purpose of describing and exploring lived experiences of women with primary infertility. The study adopted a qualitative, and phenomenological approach using explorative design. The population was all women with primary infertility. Non-probability purposive convenient sampling was employed to select the participants aged 25 – 45 years attending infertility clinic based on the personal judgment of the researchers. Data was collected through in-depth one to one interview and guided by one central question was aked. Field notes were taken as the researcher met face to face with participants. Data was analyzed using Tesch eight steps of data analysis. Measures of trustworthiness were adhered to and ethical principle considered. Two main themes emerged: Spouses/ husbands not ready to test for infertility and lack of consistent consultations at fertility clinics. Conclusion and recommendations Government and policy makers to train more health professionals specializing in fertility to enhance quality care and provide human and material resources in all public health facilities providing fertility services. Participants to seek medical intervention immediately after 12 months of unsuccessful pregnancy and disclose their infertility status to lessen self-discrimination.


Dr. Ramakuela NJ is currently working as Senior Lecturer at the University of Venda. Dr Ramakuela received his Doctoral degree or PhD on 2012 from the University of Venda. Dr Ramakuela completed his Masters in Nursing from the University of Venda. She then worked at the University of Venda, served as Senior Lecturer. Dr. Ramakuela has authored several publications in various journals and books. Her publications reflect her research interests in Reproductive and Women’s Health. Dr. Ramakuela is also an Associate Editor of the African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance. Dr. Scientist is serving as a member or fellow in Association of Women Empowerment in Vhembe District. She is currently in charge of ongoing scholarly project Palliative Care for Dignified Dying survey, Knowledge of water, health and Sanitation. Dr. Scientist is awarded or honored by The University of Venda Research and Innovation Excellence Awards.

Research Interest: Dr Ramakuela is a healthcare Professional who specialized in reproductive and women’s’ health. Her PhD Model is entitled “A MODEL TO FACILITATE WOMEN’S COPING WITH MENOPAUSE”. Her model is being utilised by rural community based women to help cope with menopausal challenges they encounter.