The Nursing and Midwifery Exchange Program

Andrew Hughes



The Nursing and Midwifery Exchange Program is an innovative workforce program. NMEP inspires candidates to try different areas and arms aspiring leaders with the skills required to lead. NMEP journeys our workforce to different places; both professionally and geographically.


This state-wide program is aimed toward;

– Professional development for Queensland Health Nurses and Midwives

– Enabling networking between Queensland Health rural and metropolitan facilities and HHS’s

– Exposure to different clinical areas/locations and environments

– Fostering leadership and Mentoring

NMEP is available to staff from our EN’s to our DON’s. Leadership: Voice at all levels.


Running four cohorts per year, we facilitate the matching and exchanging of nurses and midwives across the state in order to allow them to try each-others jobs.  Candidates engage in a 12 week program and engage in a mentoring relationship.

Ultimately, we are growing a Queensland Health nursing and midwifery workforce with a wide variety of skills and experiences. We strongly believe that the cross pollination of skills across our state will have better outcomes for our rural/remote communities.  NMEP takes nurses and midwives on the journey of leadership; through experiencing different and diverse areas, nurses/midwives refine and retain their skills.

Results Outcomes:

The date, NMEP has received 52 applications from nurses/midwives all over the state. NMEP has measured candidates self-assessed ability in areas such as leadership, mentoring, clinical skills and how likely an applicant is to seek employment in a rural/remote area. Preliminary results have shown favourable outcomes for rural/remote work with a growth in professional confidence and skill.


The program has shown benefits to the individual, the facilities hosting exchange candidates and to health services engaging in exchange.  The sharing of knowledge and skill across our diverse state ensures that our staff are inspired and grow within their leadership journey.