Remote Clinical Monitoring in Aged Care; building sustainable and long-term solutions to meet the unique needs of residents living in rural, remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged care homes

Maureen Fields1, Ms Lauren Coad1

1CareLynx, Edge Hill, Australia


Aged Care facilities have significant and unique issues in the provision of high quality, consistent clinical nursing care in rural and remote areas of Australia. With many remote communities struggling to attract and retain qualified and experienced clinical nurses, aged care facilities experience issues in maintaining compliance and struggle to stay afloat.

CareLynx has adopted a two-pronged approach that remedy’s this situation. On the one hand, we have a team of highly trained and experienced clinical nurses for short term placements in remotely located facilities to implement quality systems and processes to ensure that the care being provided is appropriate and medically sound.

Secondly, to provide ongoing, longer term support, CareLynx has created Clinical Champion. This is a cloud based software application which enables clinical nurses in Cairns (or where ever they live) to view resident information and work with onsite staff to actively monitor and manage the clinical needs of each resident. The remote clinical monitoring enables on site staff to manage resident care with confidence in a culturally appropriate manner and ensuring quality beyond compliance.

CareLynx will present case studies that showcase the challenges that rural, remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged care homes face on a daily basis and how CareLynx is a sustainable long-term solution to ensure the unique needs of these people are met.


Maureen Fields is the Care Director and founder of CareLynx in Cairns.

Working many years in the aged care sector  and supporting rural, remote and ATSI aged care facilities through sanctions and noncompliance, Maureen identified a need for residential care governance and remote clinical monitoring. With her nursing and management background she has developed a sustainable solution with purpose built software that enables consistent care no matter where.

Cairns Business Women’s Owner Manager of the Year 2015

AIM Cairns & State Winner Owner Manager 2015

Westpac Ruby Award & Community Service Award for Excellence from the Minister for Aging