Connected, Engaged and Collaborative Workplaces Symposium

 Therese Forbes (B.Psych)1

Psychologist, CRANAplus, Bush Support Services1


Workplace bullying and incivility are increasing in incidence and concern in spite of concerted efforts to address it on a range of levels and an array of professional approaches.

Despite raised awareness through the implementation of zero tolerance policies and campaigns bullying and incivility continue to be a problem. It is estimated that most working in this field of remote health have either experienced bullying or have witnessed it play out with their colleagues. Whilst the array of personal and professional values, attitudes, perceptions and cultures at an organisational level provide challenge and opportunity, when not dealt with, it can leave individuals and organisations changed psychologically, physiologically and professionally.  The cost to practitioners and the upheaval it causes to the delivery of safe, quality health care cannot be underestimated.

CRANAplus Bush Support Services recently conducted a successful Symposium to address this serious issue. A range of approaches  including Reflective practice, Restorative Mediation, Values-Based Practice were explored as good places to begin the work of building capacity in local contexts towards more socially just and collaborative workplaces. Extensive evaluation was carried out during the symposium which has provided invaluable information and direction for further projects and workshops which will be discussed in this presentation.