Halls creek children and their future

Ms Ellen Williamson1

1KPHU, Halls Creek , Australia


Technology is important in maintaining the future health of babies and children and families. We have a very mobile population in the Kimberley and we need good information systems ( i.e Communicare) to monitor families throughout the area.  We also need to make use of the important data collected on children through the AEDC census.

This presentation ( video) will focus on providing the audience with a view of the early childhood services in Halls Creek, its remote location, and the importance of the organisations working together to maintain healthy families and children.

Following the video I will present a short presentation on the relevant statistics from the AEDC.  This will outline the child developmental areas in AEDC which shows that Halls Creek is one of the most disadvantaged communities in Australia with the number of children developmentally vulnerable ( approximately 45%) on one or more domains ( language and cognitive skills, communication, emotional maturity, and physical health and wellbeing). These AEDC results will indicate the need for more early childhood intervention services for this area and I will outline what services and technology innovations are required for the future health and wellbeing of Halls creek families.




Ellen is the current Chid health Nurse in Halls creek and works for WACHS. She has been in this role for the past 9 years. She is a qualified Child health Nurse and Midwife and is passionate about the health of the young babies and children in Halls Creek. She would like to see the community healthy and strong in the future and children learning and developing in a way that they can contribute positively to Halls creek community and Australia wide.