Submission to perform a fun ‘skit’ at the CRANAplus conference 2017.

Miss Vanessa Page1

Derby Hospital1


We will have a pregnant woman labouring in Fitzroy Crossing (260km away from Derby) and calling for the Midwife.

Two Derby Midwives will ride their bikes into the venue to the sound track of Call the Midwife. We have fabulous costumes to wear – very similar to those worn by the Midwives on the ABC series.

Along the way to Fitzroy Crossing the 2 Midwives will encounter a number of obstacles…

1. Our first stop for morning tea will be at Windjana Gorge where we will pull out our mobile phones and take some ‘selfies’ with the ‘freshies’ (crocodiles).

2. We will encounter being charged by a scrub bull.

3. We will get a flat tyre.

4. We will encounter the ghost of Jandmarra near Tunnel Creek.

5. We will dodge some road kill.

6. We will have to put our gum boots on and wade through the flood waters of Plum Plains (just near FX).

In between each ‘obstacle’ the labouring woman will cry out and call for the Midwife again.

When we finally arrive in FX our labouring woman will have already given birth! So we then have to turn around and ride all the way back to Derby again!

The above obstacles may change a little, but it gives you the idea.

We will require microphones, the ability to play the ‘Call the Midwife’ theme song throughout the skit, and also display a slid show of West Kimberley photographs as we ride all the way to FX.

The skit will go for about 10min max. If you think this would be suitable I would prefer that we perform this early in the conference schedule as I may only be available early on due to having facilitated a course just prior (I will be needing to get back to work).



To come.