Simulation assist nurses working in Rural Australia complete their continuing professional development

Judith Brown1

1Qld Health, Richmond, Australia


Through the innovation of a nursing staff member at Richmond Multipurpose Health service. The facility is able to promote ongoing learning, onsite for nursing staff through Simulation-Based Education (SBE), It can be problematic when living and working in rural and remote areas to complete the mandatory Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) hours due to the tyranny of distance. The pocket is supported locally by nursing and medical staff.  Additionally, the Clinical Simulation Centre at The Townsville Hospital (TTH) and the Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) in Brisbane provide support through provision of manikins and delivery. The pocket is in its infancy, with the local Simulation coordinators being trained at CSDS, Brisbane, in November 2016 and the SBE program beginning in February 2017. There are two Simulation Coordinators trained to use the high fidelity equipment, with the provision of training for an additional staff member each year funded through CSDS. CSDS supply the Simulation equipment including manikins and part-task trainers enabling diversity in delivery.  The equipment is freighted by CSDS to Richmond at no cost to the facility.   Lauren Camilleri, Nurse Manager, Clinical Simulation Centre at TTH has been instrumental in assisting us with a site visit and arranging expired stock to be sent to Richmond.  The high fidelity manikin being utilised to run clinical scenarios is a Laerdal Megacode Kelly.  The manikin is operated through the use of a SimPad and monitor.  Other part-task trainers such as QCPR and Airway heads support clinical education and assist in the evaluation of staff maintaining their competency in the Recognition and Management of the Deteriorating Patient. It is envisioned that in the future Simulation Coordinators will be able to facilitate external courses such as Recognition of the Deteriorating Paediatric Patient (RMDPP) and provide support in the delivery of Imminent Birthing for Non-Midwife Training.




Judith Brown is a Rural and Isolated Practise Endorsed Registered Nurse and Child Health Nurse with over 20 years of experience working in Rural Queensland. She is currently working as a Clinical Nurse at the Richmond Multipurpose Health Service.She is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education and is also studying a Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner). She enjoys working in rural environments as she feels part of the community. When not working, Judith resides on a cattle station 100km from Richmond. She has two Children who are both at boarding school.